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Interactive & Animated Books

Books that breathe!

Interactive books for all ages that encourage interaction. Filled with professional voiceovers, fully animated illustrations, and engaging activities for supporting young learners!

Check out a sample of “The Fourth Little Pig”, fully animated, interactive, and narrated!

Explore our large and growing collection of animated books, games and activities. Professional voiceover and sound effects make the learning come to life!

Interactive Graphic Novels

A collection of graphic novels based on classic literature, mythology, and famous autobiographies, this series is perfect for family fun time or as a foundation for readers that need high-interest content with built in supports for learning.

Check out a FREE sample of “Black Beauty”

Some of our graphic novels feature amazing bonus animations. Check out Frankenstein for an example!

Our collection so far...

All graphic novels have animated speech bubbles and full professional voiceovers to support an immersive and fun learning experience.

Educational Games & Activities

PUBBLY offers a large variety of educational games and activities derived from research-based instructional strategies that produce meaningful learning gains. Sign up today to explore our world of animated math, early letter identification, spelling, and reading activities and so much more!

Programs & More

More than just collections of individual books, PUBBLY educational programs span a variety of curriculum areas and learning levels. Our comprehensive programs take young learners on a fun-filled learning journey with amazing interactive content and consistent research-based instructional design all along the way.

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At PUBBLY, we are always pushing for new, innovative way to make learning fun. Do you have an idea for a children's book or a learning activity you want to bring to life? The PUBBLY team can help! Contact us today to learn more about our submissions process. You can even earn royalties if we "PUBBLYsh" your idea!

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