About us

Finalist for the Global Learning Xprize!

What is Pubbly?

Pubbly is a new kind of educational technology platform. We believe that high-quality, professionally-produced content that fosters both learning and engagement is far too hard to find and we are determined to do something about it! We have created an award-winning set of tools for transforming content such as books, lessons, and games into interactive learning experiences. Best of all, we post new content to Pubbly.com on a regular basis so there’s always something new to explore.

Our Mission

We believe that technology has the potential to help ensure that every child has an opportunity to learn regardless of whether or not they are lucky enough to attend a great school or have a wonderful teacher. Over time, we hope that Pubbly will inspire and empower educators and innovators around the world to create and share amazing content that makes a difference for the estimated 250 million children that cannot read, write, or demonstrate basic arithmetic skills.

Our Progress

In September of 2017, our team became finalists in a worldwide competition called the Global Learning XPrize. We used Pubbly to design and build learning programs in Swahili and in English with a focus on early literacy and numeracy. The tablet-based Swahili “First Step” recently concluded a 15-month field test in Tanzania. Over 600 children in remote villages had the opportunity to learn basic reading and math skills in their own language (Swahili) and we have been closely monitoring their progress. Overseeing and aiding this trial is UNSECO, The World Food Program (WFP) and the Educational Department of Tanzania. We are actively looking for more partnerships to continue our work.

How You Can Help

As we continue to develop content to meet this global need, we add resources to Pubbly.com, a website that enables us to share what we have built with users around the world. The resources at Pubbly.com are currently geared towards children aged 3-10, but we will expand this over time and introduce content in additional languages. A large percentage of the proceeds from our paying customers will go towards building and expanding local language content offerings in areas of the world where paying for content is just not an option. This includes areas where children and families have been displaced by violence and war, famine and natural disasters. You can help us in our mission to deliver quality educational resources to children in the most remote corners of the world simply by joining Pubbly or by donating to one of our non-profit support partners.


If you have suggestions for us or want to learn more about our efforts to improve educational outcomes for children around the world — please send us an email to mail@pubbly.com. If you are a teacher, contact us for special packages for your school or district.