The Creative Minds Behind Pubbly: Our Story, Your Enhanced Experience

The Creative Minds Behind Pubbly: Our Story, Your Enhanced Experience

Intention has a profound effect on creation. If a gaming company makes an educational game, then that is assuredly what it is — a game. But what happens when a group of highly creative and deeply invested educators make a platform to meet the modern child's need for self-paced learning and foster a love for reading? What you get is Pubbly — interactive learning for kids.

This is the last article of a six-part series giving the reader insight into the wonderful experiences that are created through Pubbly — for a child, parent, or educator — granting them access to a platform that sparks the joy of reading in a safe and supportive environment. This piece highlights the educational background that serves as an underpinning for Pubbly's content creation, offering a deeper dive into how to use the interface as well as how to reach out to the Pubbly staff for guidance on which educational resources best meet your needs.

Educators Build Pubbly

Pubbly was founded upon extensive research and experience in grade school-level educational publishing. Back in the days when everything was still in print, Pubbly's founders worked with big names in educational publishing like MacMillan and Scholastic to curate content for specific age groups.

With educational publishing backgrounds comes an intuitive emphasis on scaffolding knowledge to increase understanding and advancement for all kids. Educators see content through the lens of: How can I engage and inspire my reader?

Both classroom teachers and the creators of educational books build a cadence for learning that can reach a classroom full of different minds, learning styles, and backgrounds. It’s these teachers and educators who stand behind Pubbly's educational resources for kids. 

Benefits of Interactive Learning for Kids

Pubbly brings the legacy of established educational principles to the online scene, ensuring every story, game, and program is curated for a specific learning objective, as shown in previous articles [link opportunity]. The first step is identifying the desired learning benchmark; then, everything else is built around this skill-development. Pubbly is the perfect educational resource for today's "connected" world. Everyone benefits — students find entertainment and enhanced knowledge; parents and educators gain resources to provide their children and students.

Pubbly has the digital bandwidth and page control to create intuitive online learning materials, an inspiring and rhythmic approach to technology that affirms children's developmental growth. Digital software and devices are also widely available and accessible, meaning it is relatively inexpensive to send devices into underprivileged communities, opening up opportunities for high-level learning despite social and geographical obstacles.

As a finalist in the XPRIZE Global Learning Challenge, Pubbly began with a vision of reaching a new horizon in reading across the world. At the same time, Pubbly creators took the best parts of these expansive technologies to create a safe online environment for students to use and enjoy in their own homes. Advocacy for the safety of online resources for children is growing in necessity and precedence. Scholastic Parents reminds all caretakers, “While the internet offers goodies galore (educational materials, fun games, and connections with people all over the world), it can also pose risks to your child's physical safety and emotional well-being.” With Pubbly’s closed platform, there is no possibility of access to unknown adults or content. Period.

How to Best Use Pubbly for Your Child’s Interactive Learning

Ready to learn more about how Pubbly can bring more to your young learner or the children in your classroom? First, let's explore Pubbly's educational programs, categorized by reading level.

Both the Welcome series and the ABC books focus on Pre-K and kindergarten, emulating the content in a classroom and the experiences of kindergarten. To encourage advancement but discourage labeling, colors frame the level of difficulty – after all, not all children in the same grade are reading at the same grade level.

Pubbly's mission is to build the confidence and the necessary skill set for every learner. Not all learning platforms have been successful – especially those geared more towards "edu-tainment" – but Pubbly's research-backed approach fosters reading comprehension and learning independence. Moving away from hierarchies that can create stigmas, the ELF Program categorizes content based on colors. The orange level corresponds to kindergarten, the purple level to first grade, and the green to second grade. The lack of labeling also allows an "upper-level" kid to feel free to skim through all the color-coded content. These levels are applied throughout the math and science curriculum as well. 

Each color level of content is structurally organized to help a child advance. For instance, in the Welcome series, pre-reading primes learners with new words or new sounds. Each of the ensuing books (ten per color level) offers audio support and culminates with an animated quiz for children to show what they just learned – a confidence builder.  There is also a game that correlates with the learning benchmarks. 

Additionally, each word in this series is intentionally "tappable." Why? Kids can mess around and try things out; without the burden of performing for right and wrong, they are free to follow their natural curiosity. This layout creates a formula for learning, a crafted educational journey — not "edu-tainment." 

Whether you are curious about Pubbly’s format for beginning readers or the platform’s graphic novels to introduce the classics to your young learner, the Pubbly team stands ready to answer your specific questions. A staff member would be happy to exchange an email with you to help you find exactly what you need. Curious about science resources? Pubbly’s staff can answer questions about the curriculum for your green-level (second-grade) readers, or point you towards additional resources, such as the confidence packets or family time rewards to celebrate your learner. With a free trial and access to the Pubbly team, the joy of learning awaits you and your young reader. 

Enjoy Pubbly

Pubbly is dedicated to having a portion of our animated books, educational programs, and games FREE and open to early learners everywhere. Sign up now to view on desktop or download our Pubbly Player on iOS, Kindle, or Android. 

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