Early Reading Experiences Enhanced: Pubbly’s Interactive Storybooks

Early Reading Experiences Enhanced: Pubbly’s Interactive Storybooks

A good story catches the attention and imagination of a young mind. A few good stories can build a young reader's confidence and curiosity — skills that ignite the joy of learning. A platform can leverage technology for learning, but at times can overwhelm a child’s mind. Pubbly offers a safe platform with interactive educational support to entertain and delight children with animated stories and games while offering easy, structured support to parents and educators. 

This is the second article in a series that shares with you the wonderful experience of Pubbly, with a peek into the expansive selection of picture books and children's interactive storybooks across multiple genres and age-level interests. If your curiosity is piqued, feel free to download the Pubbly app (it's currently free!) on your iOS or Android platform and soon-to-be Kindle as well.

A Platform of Narrated & Animated Books Designed for Children

Whether you are using Pubbly from a desktop, tablet, or phone, wonder awaits. Pubbly’s engaging, animated storybooks are one of the platform’s biggest points of interest for young learners —and for good reason! While much of the animated content available online for kids today is overdone to the point of detracting from the learning experience, Pubbly brings its stories to life in a very intentional and carefully-crafted way. 

This can help bolster a child’s imagination. Krishnaja wrote for The Oxford Day School in India that “Children are born with natural artistic talents that can be awakened through animation. And also, with the sensory experiences of the animation movies and cartoons, the vocabulary and sensory perceptions in children develop in a massive way.”1 With Pubbly, the focus of animation and story selection is to boost a child’s imagination and their love of learning.

While most of Pubbly’s picture books are animated, those that aren’t are beautifully illustrated — and all the stories are professionally narrated. The narration soothingly activates the child’s ability to drop into the story’s rhythm, expanding their experience and growing their cognition. Narration can be replayed as many times as the child wants, allowing them to enjoy the story at their own pace. And, when they are ready, narration can be turned off so they can read each story entirely on their own.

A Wide Variety of Stories for Readers of Every Age

Embracing the changing times while honoring the cadence of development appears to be the balancing act in supporting children in today’s world — whether entertaining a three-year-old during a long car ride or supporting an eight-year-old’s growth into a motivated learner. The Pubbly platform is highly curated, delivering both joy and learning for children of all ages, but particularly those from 3 to 8 years old. On the app, the easy-to-navigate dashboard is divided by age (although all content is open to each curious learner). With one click, a multi-faceted platform opens with interactive storybooks, programs, and even games, all educationally sound to support a developing mind.

Research now shows that “motion pictures built in storybooks make picture storybook exposure – one of the strongest incentives for developing language and literacy skills in the preschool age – even more effective.”2  These underpinnings are the foundations of Pubbly: activating interest to build self-directed learning confidence. In Pubbly, animated picture books cover a wide variety of genres and themes that appeal to kids and teach them about the world while also promoting the joy of reading. 

What will children, parents, and educators find with Pubbly? Here are some examples

  • I Like it When — A charming story about a little boy who goes to the store with his mother 

  • The Fourth Little Pig — Adds a twist to a classic fairy tale that everyone knows 

  • Momotaro — a Japanese folk tale brought to life

  • Beatrice Potter classics like The Tale of Peter Rabbit — long-format, unabridged classic stories with plenty of gorgeous illustrations 

  • When the Big Blue Bus was Late — A story that brings math to life in a fun way 

Some stories also promote parallel activities for readers, which educators and parents can bring into a cooperative engagement together after a child’s story time. This serves two natural purposes, bringing what was on the page to life (in imagination and cognition) as well as providing a transition activity, building a connection from Pubbly to caregiver with ease. Here are some examples:

  • Why Does the Lion Roar? & Colors of the Rainbows  —  African folktales allowing for children to color in the pages of their storybook as they read

  • Five Silly Monkeys — A story that sings aloud with automatic page turn

  • Get Moving — A story encouraging kids to go out and play

Some children like to lose themselves in the illustrations; some prefer animation — there is something for every reader on Pubbly. Many find the ability to choose boosts interest and empowers a young reader’s self-selection and, therefore, improves their level of engagement.PubblyDialogBoxWithKey (1)

How do you find animated books in Pubbly? A system of colored dots acts as a “key” to indicate the level of interaction in the books. The key appears when you tap on a new book. If you see a red dot, the book is animated.

Pubbly aims to make each aspect of engagement simple for readers and adults alike, no matter what level of technology someone has.

Enjoy Pubbly Today!

Pubbly is dedicated to having a portion of our animated books, educational programs, and games FREE and open to early learners everywhere. Sign up now to view on desktop or download our Pubbly Player on iOS, Kindle, or Android. In the following article, we will explore Pubbly’s extensive selection of graphic novels featuring timeless classics and interactive storybooks. See you here or on the platform!

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