Raising Lifelong Readers & Learners with Pubbly

Raising Lifelong Readers & Learners with Pubbly

In a world that is full of high tech but low engagement options, Pubbly stands out for marrying technology and education to support young readers. Deeply rooted in educational principles, Pubbly began with a commitment to developing resources to meet young learners where they are — geographically and developmentally — and helping them grow into lifelong readers. Since then, Pubbly has steadily become a parent’s best friend and an ally in fostering a love of learning in their children.

This fourth article of a six-part series explores how Pubbly provides an intuitive way to cultivate positive and engaging experiences through interactive learning — actively educating and entertaining young learners. By emphasizing joy as a foundational principle of instructional design, Pubbly is reinventing the early learning experience for all participants and audiences.

Pubbly is a Parent’s Best Friend

With over-packed schedules as the modern norm, well-meaning parents have to get creative in the balance of spending time teaching versus entertaining their children. With Pubbly, both goals are achieved. Research consistently shows that “children who are read to for 20 minutes a day perform better in school.”1 Pubbly is a boon to education-forward parents who understand the importance of reading to their children, but may not have the time to do it as often as they’d like, or could use an extra set of helping hands. 

Reading together also enables critical developmental prompts, such as “decontextualized talk.” This is where a parent references something in the text to the child. For example, the main character has a dog, and your child loves dogs, and you conversationally make the correlating connection. It might not seem like much, but these scaffolded conversations are building neural networks that will serve your child for years to come. 

Pubbly’s resources utilize these same principles in their animated books and educational games for kids. When caregiver and child sit together with a Pubbly book or game, the markers of conversation are there for both to enjoy. When a child is alone with a Pubbly, they continue to actively engage with the story or activity. These repetitions build comprehension and confidence for a Pubbly reader, associating reading with connection and enjoyment. 

Furthermore, recent research from Frontiers suggests that “It is also possible that children’s overall attentiveness when listening to stories is higher with animated stories as compared to those with static illustrations.”2 This is why Pubbly offers artistically rendered animation to engage the young learner and spark their own curiosity, building their focus and endurance through enjoyment. 

Pubbly is Active Entertainment

Pubbly is a helpful alternative to other, more passive entertainment mediums, like TV or computer time. Without fostering a “babysitter” environment that statically absorbs a child’s attention rather than engaging it, the Pubbly world is the opposite of “zombie culture” – making it a great resource for long car rides, grocery store trips, and other times where meaningful entertainment is helpful to navigate modern demands. 

Parents — no matter how well they balance their time — are forced to multitask. Having an educational resource that creates joy and learning for your child while you tend to life’s demands is a necessity these days. Pubbly runs as easily on a desktop as it does on a mobile phone, making it a valuable companion for outings or unpredictabilities. Whether a child is waiting for a sibling’s sports practice to end or a parent is attending to an emergency work call, Pubbly is there to turn those moments toward reading and learning for your child, holding your child's attention while building their reading muscles.

Pubbly Provides Educational Acceleration

Nothing can replace the parent-child bond or time with a primary caregiver that serves as a foundation for emotional and educational development. That’s why Pubbly is modeled on the experience of a parent reading to a child. Pubbly creates an assisted reading experience and interactive storytelling platform with kinetic cues like narration and text bounces. These cues and text bounces empower the child’s choice, developing agency and confidence through repetitive interaction which builds literacy. 

Repetition is integral to a child’s brain development. This is often why you hear them ask the same questions over and over, or ask to read the same book each night. The rapid neurological development through age 5 continues to flourish and reveal itself for decades to come; even the small choices made in early childhood can create significant opportunities later in life. Similarly, neurological connections that are not utilized in those years are pruned. Choosing to spend “20 minutes daily reading with your child can build security, confidence,” and learning that will bear fruit for them in years to come. Pubbly soars above the rest, as the revolutionary platform to help your young reader’s imagination take flight.

Education and literacy open up a child’s possibilities. Pubbly encourages accelerated literacy in an easily-navigated digital format, creating animated books for kids to fall in love with reading. As mentioned, many kids read their favorite books over and over again. An inquisitive 3-year-old may be independently reading with Pubbly instead of being stuck learning the ABCs with her pre-K class. Rooted in child development principles, Pubbly offers animated books, resources, and educational games for kids online that support the acceleration of each child’s learning journey.

Read a Pubbly

Curious to learn more about free online reading for kids that encourages them to become lifelong learners? Pubbly is dedicated to having a portion of our animated books, educational programs, and games FREE and open to early learners everywhere.

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